Cargo Training Simwave

september 4, 2020

The STCW Convention and its 1995 amendments establish standards of training and competence for seafarers. Chapter V contains specific requirements for personnel serving on oil tankers, chemical tankers and gas carriers-, it defines the training and experience needed by officers, ratings and personnel involved in cargo handling, which usually  included a tanker familiarization course.  Personnel on tankers require an appropriate tanker endorsement on their STCW certificates of competence.

In line with the STCW Convention, industry guidelines and vetting requirements Simwave developed multiple generic courses as well as company specific courses. In these courses, we use different tools to comply with company- specific requirements for a bespoke training, training efficiency and training outcome. Within the courses we use different tools to provide a full experience for the participant: we use our cargo simulator. VR-tool and our Learning Management System.