IPS Payroll service

augustus 23, 2020

We have been involved in cross-border employment since 1988, and since 2014 we have expanded our payrolling service to clients employing people who work all over the world. Although working with colleagues from various cultural backgrounds can be beneficial, such cooperation always entails complex issues. Staffing in general and managing payroll, in particular, have become our specialty through years of experience.

iPS has in-depth knowledge of all tax and social security issues that might arise when employees work abroad. We do not only take away the worries of complex international tax and social security matters, but we also see to it that clients are fully compliant with all aspects of applicable law and regulations.

We offer our clients a tailored solution and take care, as a formal employer, of all administrative and legal procedures. Our flexibility ensures that we solve payroll issues most efficiently and that our clients can focus on their core business.