Simwave BRM – Emergency Response

augustus 8, 2020

Our new BRM – Emergency Response course is the natural follow-up of our already successful Bridge Resource Management course.

Where our Bridge Resource Management course focusses on resource management during normal operations, BRM – Emergency Response aims to provide bridge officers with the necessary knowledge and understanding on the use of leadership and managerial skills to control the operation of the ship at the management level. Particularly in abnormal and emergency situations.

The course consists of theory modules like Communication, Situational Awareness, Judgement & Decision-making and Leadership & Emergency Management. Practical exercises on our full mission bridge simulators are based upon the ‘touch drill’ principle. Short exercises where the focus will be on the initial actions required to respond to an abnormal or emergency situation. Situations like Fire on board, Man overboard, Dragging anchor, Blackout, Steering gear failure, Mooring lines failure and GNSS & Gyro failures will be practiced during these exercises.

The BRM – Emergency Response can also be combined with the ERM- Emergency Response were the bridge and the engine room teams have combined exercises and the bridge and engine room are fully connected. Resilient teams are built with company specific procedures and scenarios can be based on e.g. incident investigations.