Simwave: Job opening for a software developer

oktober 28, 2020

Job description

Learning Management System (LMS) Developer is part of the development team of Simwave with a focus on the development and implementation of the Learning Management System of Simwave as well as of the development and implementation of VR/AR applications.


Simwave Netherlands, located in Barendrecht.

Position in the organisation

The Learning Management System Developer is part of the development team and as an expert in the field of LMS is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Learning Management System and VR/AR applications. Based on the long term planning, new features will be developed on the LMS platform and the platform should be maintained to the highest standards. The LMS- developer reports to the Technical Manager.

Tasks and responsibilities


  • Develop and maintain all Learning Management System projects of SIMWAVE.
  • Independently and responsibly translate and structure all content received from subject matter experts into the Learning Management System.
  • Implement and maintain security standards.
  • Support the content of proposals for Learning Management System projects.
  • Support production, supervision and quality control of all Learning Management System projects.
  • Write proposals for the Learning Management System.
  • Manage and report about the different projects.
  • Manage tests and internal validation of the Learning Management System.
  • Innovate and share new developments with colleagues.
  • Be quality conscious, service minded and creative.
  • Facilitate the ongoing communication with clients and staff.

Quality, health, safety and environment

  • Ensures that the Quality, Safety and Security Policy is executed in accordance with National and International legislations and the Company requirements.
  • Stays informed about the laws, rules, codes and guidelines of the shipping industry in relation to the scope of work;

–       Customer oriented and focussed on results.

–       Affinity with education and training;

–       Establish a good working relationship with the team in The Netherlands and Vietnam;

–       Good team worker with a flexible approach.

     Skills & Requirements

–       University degree in software engineering or equivalent.

–       Good understanding of front-end technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, Javascript.

–       Experience building user interfaces for websites and or web applications.

–       Experience designing and developing responsive design websites.

–       Comfortable working with debugging tools like Firebug or Chrome developer tools.

–       Ability to convert comprehensive layout and wire frames into working HTML pages.

–       Knowledge of how to interact with REST APIs and formats (JSON, XML).

–       Proficient understanding of PHP back-end development.

–       Strong understanding of PHP back-end development.

–       Proficiency in understanding of WordPress development

–       Knowledge and understanding of design of instruction.

–       Affinity with Understanding of the maritime sector is a pre.

–       Minimal of 10 years’ experience as a developer in the maritime sector or equivalent experience.

–       Proven track record in developing Learning Management Systems and / or VR/AR projects.

–       Be quality conscious, service minded and creative.

–       Fluent in English- both verbal and written.

–       Flexibility to travel and work the hours as required.