Simwave Ship-Shore interface

augustus 8, 2020

The Ship-Shore interface plays an important role in ensuring safe operations during loading and unloading of cargo, but as well during approaching the terminal and departure.
Terminal employees should have an understanding of the procedures on board of a vessel to create a common ground of working together. Subjects like: pre-berthing exchange of information, mooring plans, loading or discharge plans, tanker and terminal cargo connections, simultaneous operations, safety procedures / devices etc.

At Simwave we train and have trained terminal / jetty operators in order to fully understand the complete process for seagoing vessels as well as for inland tank barges. In order to train and provide a full experience we use our bridge simulators to simulate a berth approach and mooring plans as well as our cargo simulators for LNG, LPG, Chemicals and Oils transfer. After the training the participants have a better understanding of the shipboard operations and an better overview of the process as a whole. Part of this training  is provided by Transafe as dangerous goods experts for subjects like static electricity, REACH legislation (Safety Data Sheets) and specific dangerous goods legislation.

During the training we also share best practices and share industry guidelines (e.g. the International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals).