Offshore business club member

To attend OBC events you must be a member

Meet New People

Meet and collaborate with a diverse group of like-minded business executives and specialists in the offshore industry;


Make contact with prospective new suppliers, partners, advisers, customers, and associates to expand your company network.


Share information and opinions with other Representatives and contact channels.

Attend Meetings

All regular activities are free to attend (club meetings, drinks, outings)


Add your OBC status branding to your company email signature


Discounts and favored status are available from a number of partner suppliers and service providers, such as media businesses, exhibits, and lodging providers.


Your company profile on OBC website, make your company info visible to the community

Enjoy Life

Combine work and pleasure!

Advertise your business on:
WindPower Magazine;

Get your news distributed and shared across OBC channels;
OBC website;

• Members-only benefit of getting iMarketing (exclusive OBC marketing partner) help you improve your internet presence, PR, and niche marketing.
• Enhance your company profile beyond basic, add images, videos links and up to 1500 words to your profile.
• Present your company profile to EnergyNews.Biz audience, through their business directory
Get your promotional info published on EnergyNews.Biz

Business traveling addons
• Enhance your business trips with discount on Brandmarion services;
• Special event attendance, be part of our special events organized for special occasions;
• Promote your company on exhibitions with printed materials, on-boot branding, branded presents distribution;
• Schedule your meeting with a specific member;
• Enjoy your travel as a true business executive, be the among the first to enter the transport, enjoy special meals drinks and first class treatment;
• Always have someone to help you out with anything while you’re on the go;
• „We’ll take care of you“ is our moto and it’s deserved, try it and find out yourself;

Privileges ​

Our members have access to a number of privileges, including:

Special Offers

Special discounts on overnight stays and meeting venue rentals

Early hotel check-in and late check-out

Join the ranks of leading Dutch and global corporations

Steer OBC initiatives with prestigious partners

Partner up with our member companies

Approach embassies and international organizations

Hear valuable ideas from world-class speakers

Participate in talks with national and local governments to shape policy and regulation


Expand your network

Every member of OBC’s exclusive relationship-based networking service has the chance to form genuine connections with industry leaders.


Knowledge, Opportunities, and Relationships are the three benefits that a great network will provide.


At least three times a year, our members get together for a defined reason. Our forums are the most efficient and pleasant method to expand your network.



Company representatives confirm their attendance at a Club Meeting or other function in advance. This confirmation is provided no later than one day before the event date, so that the organizers may plan accordingly for the number of attendees.

Plus One

At no extra charge, each Representative can invite one other employee from the same firm to an event. A ‘Colleague’ is somebody accompanying a Representative who is an employee of the same firm. Depending on available spaces, more than one Colleague may accompany a Representative with prior permission from the organizers.


Representatives are also permitted to bring a guest to a Club Meeting. The Guest must register with the Club prior to or during the Meeting, and there is a €25 attendance charge. Guests may not work for the same firm as the Representative, and each Guest is only allowed to attend one Club Meeting each year.


 The attendance charge is removed from the subscription cost if the Guest’s firm decides to join the Offshore Business Club.
Only members of the Club are permitted to attend Club Meetings. Other events are reserved for Representatives only.


Step within the OBC’s marketing process that enables brands to promote their products or services to potential customers. We offer you:
• Print edition promotion and distribution
• On-site promotion
• Online promotion through our website, Linkedin and Twitter

• Newsletter promotion
• Custom promotion deals