Company Representatives send prior confirmation of their intention to attend a Club Meeting or other event. This confirmation is sent no later than one day before the date of the event, so that organisers can cater appropriately for the number of people wishing to attend.

Each Representative can bring one other employee of the same company to an event at no additional cost. Anyone accompanying a Representative who is an employee of the same company is referred to as a ‘Colleague’. With prior agreement from the organisers, more than one Colleague may be able to accompany a Representative, depending on available places.

Representatives may also bring a Guest to a Club Meeting. The Guest must be registered with the Club prior to or during the Meeting and a €25 attendance fee is levied on the Guest. Guests cannot be employees of the same company as the Representative, and the same Guest is permitted to attend only one Club Meeting per year. In the event that the Guest’s company decides to join the Offshore Business Club, their attendance fee is deducted from their subscripition cost.

Guests are only allowed to attend Club Meetings. Other events are for the exclusive use of Representatives.