With ideal locations, entertainment lounges, boardrooms, and more, our hotels and restaurants have it all. EBC's Clubhouses provide a suitable third area for our members to engage with the community, impress customers, and work in peace away from home or office.

Socialize with Other Members

You never know who you’ll run across within our Clubhouses.
The Clubhouses at EBC provide a pleasant and familiar environment for our members to build meaningful connections and real relationships. The Clubhouses host the majority of networking and community events, allowing members to meet in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Impress your Clients

The Clubhouses at EBC are ideal for showcasing your role as an entrepreneur.
You’ll be able to entertain in the lounges while also being present in the boardrooms. The Clubhouses at EBC are a great opportunity to make a lasting impression, and our team is here to make your clients and visitors feel welcome and special.

Your Third Space

Remove yourself from the distractions of your home and workplace. As a member, you'll have the option of using the Clubhouses as a place to focus, host private meetings, and utilize as a base when you don't have access to an office.