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Mr. James

In today’s maritime industry, creating, processing and analyzing data is of significant importance. Till now, for various reasons it seemed impossible to establish a connectivity system that is stable, affordable and suitable for exchange of large data packages such as voice and video data. The current available communication systems are not able to meet today’s demands. Together with our partners, we worked hard to offer the maritime industry a solution that meet today’s extended need for real time data. It allows IOT (internet of things) solutions to benefit of this connectivity and therefore it could really mean a game changer for the following segments; Offshore wind, Offshore construction, Sea ports, Ferry lines and Marina’s. Putting the right people at the right place, at the right moment. In short, the perfect match. That is our challenge and our mission. Mr. JAMES offers global matching solutions for flexible personnel issues. With only qualified and experienced people who feel passion for the profession. In the spirit of Mr. James himself. We think pro-actively with you in areas such as oil / gas, dredging, renewable energy, delivery & crew management and offshore maritime. We understand the demands of your company and the challenges you are facing to get the right quality.


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