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REASeuro supports its Clients on all explosives topics by providing advice, education, training, quality assurance, certification, EOD-management and the detection, clearance and or disposal of conventional* and improvised explosives. In The Netherlands REASeuro is the only company fully specialized and focused on all explosives topics. REASeuro is a truly independent company, active on the international market and – as a civil company – always able to provide the right specialist solutions. The detection, clearance and or disposal of explosives is our core business. We proudly call ourselves: Explosives Experts! We work with a team of specialists. Through our knowledge and experience we offer all stakeholders the highest possible degree of safety. Our main focus: Comforting our Clients. Every Client, every situation is different; our personal approach assures that the Client’s expectations are managed in a professional and safe manner. The love for our profession, the pleasure in our work, the extensive specialist skills and knowledge makes REASeuro a reliable and professional advisor, educator and operator in the world of detection, clearance and disposal of explosives.


Vijfhuizenbaan 1b, 5133 NH Riel, Netherlands