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Schoo & Co. has offered a wide range of consultancy work for the maritime insurance industry, shipping and off-shore industry for more than 75 years. Our company is centrally located in the port area of ​​Rotterdam, but our field of activity is worldwide. We are available 24/7. Our highly trained experts are former merchant officers and selected for their nautical and engineering experience and the right personality to handle complex matters in the areas of shipping, transportation and logistics, shipbuilding and repair. Our expertise includes broad technical knowledge of ship and land equipment, manufacturing and repair techniques and limited legal knowledge to handle complex insurance and liability claims. Our motto is trust, expertise, dedication and flexibility for a reasonable price, in which the interests of the Client are always central. We focus on sustainability and try to reduce the use of paper by reporting as much as possible digitally in consultation with the client. Thanks to our modern data management system, we always keep in touch with our Clients at a most sufficient and efficient manner.


Westhavenkade 86 3133 AV Vlaardingen