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SRG International

Sea Rescue Gear International is a company dedicated to saving lives. In any maritime disaster some 30% of the survivors end up in the ocean. They never make it to a life boat or a life raft. Sea Rescue Gear International wants to reach out to everyone working in a marine environment and ensure that with the PS³(Personal Sea Survival System) everyone can survive a maritime disaster. Our hands-on board members include specialists in: Offshore Safety Training
Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration and Production
Maritime Operations
Hydrographic Survey, Dredging and Navigation
Safety Equipment Manufacture Formed in 2014 by the merging of Sea Rescue Gear BV of Rotterdam and Penstone LLC of Texas, SRG International is at the spearhead of design and development of sea survival and rescue equipment. When the worst happens, SRGI is there for you.


De Ruif 4751, Oud Gastel, Netherlands