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VDR – Van Dijk & Ruijgrok

Since 2008 we have increasingly focussed on the offshore sector. Offshore work has in a fact now become our core activity. Shipping operators and contractors most frequently call upon our company’s expertise to carry out necessary inspections, repairs, maintenance, modifications, fabrications and various installation work on board of their (work)boats. But we also fabricate special structures in steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Next to this we supply a wide range of tools. We have extensive experience in rapid mobilisation and demobilisation of workboats, including diving support vessels and seismic survey vessels. We have highly experienced and flexible staff, who are equipped with mobile welding equipment and power generators. We operate in all seaports in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. With our skilful staff, we can take on any job!
Kruiswijk 9 1761 AR Anna Pavlovna